Stocking the Spice Cupboard

Summer Savory

What a difference a few herbs and spices makes. Thanks to (yet another) trip to the store, we now have black pepper, sea salt, Montreal steak spice, and crushed red pepper flakes. Nothing fancy, but it definitely helps with cooking something edible. I found a Newfoundland-based company that sells a variety of spices, so we’ll be slowly adding their products to our cupboards. Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo 2013: A New Start

It’s been nearly a decade (!) since Labour Day meant anything to me beyond Labour Day and a work holiday, but the start of September still feels like the start of something new to me, even if it’s not marking a return to classes. For the past couple of years, the ninth month of the year has represented a new start. Our son was born on September 13 last year, so we spent the Labour Day weekend getting ready for our own labour day. And this year on August 31, we got on a plane and left Toronto; on September 1 we woke up for the first time in our new home in our new city, St. John’s. Continue reading

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TONICA Kombucha was kind enough to include me in a new initiative of theirs, and I received my very own SCOBY and kombucha starter kit a few days ago. Tonight I brewed up my tea, dumped that beige blob in, and started my first attempt at making some kombucha of my own–something I’ve wanted to try out since I wrote an article about it earlier this summer. Let’s see how this goes.

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This Baby Laughing Like Mad at a Dog Eating is Awesome

That is all.

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In My Fake Life, We Have a Decorated Christmas Tree

photo (37)

I spend a somewhat-unreasonable amount of time pinning crafts on Pinterest. Continue reading

101 Uses For A Doughnut Pan

Salt dough ornaments

That’s right, I’m using the Canadian spelling.

I came across a series called 101 Uses For A Donut Pan at the blog Corner Blog. It seemed like a stretch, but the author has actually come up with more than 30 uses for doughnut pans so far, and they’re all pretty different and very creative. It’s a great example of how a kitchen gadget that seems to have a very limited purpose can actually be used to make a ton of things, and not all of them edible. Continue reading

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How to Raise a Red Menace

Baby with protestorIf we’re being entirely honest, I hope this kid of mine ends up with a socialist streak, Canadian style. I guess, according to this advice from times of old, I’ll have to make sure to keep those night feedings going. I wonder if Walter W. Sackett Jr. had any advice for parents on how to drown out the screams of their hungry children. Continue reading


There’s At Least One Reason to Feel Sorry For Kate Middleton

Kate MiddletonHere is how you know that you are Canadian: your Facebook and Twitter feeds are near-instantly overtaken when news breaks that Prince William and Kate Middleton are having a baby. Continue reading

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Here Is My Mommy Blog or, How I Became A Living Cliche

IMG_5385So yes, now I have a Mommy Blog, though I hope you won’t call it that. (I’m not going to.) I am pretty sure it’s now a requirement that all women start blogging within six months of having a baby; it may be that they now sign you up for a WordPress account when you get admitted to L&D.  Continue reading

How to choose the best eco-friendly baby bottles

Baby drinking a bottle

I’ve been lazy about posting! But I did do another post for Ethical Deal, this one about choosing bottles for babies. The best bottled-related advice I’ve gotten so far, I think, is to get a few in different types before committing to one brand or style because babies have different preferences. Good to know!

Whether you breastfeed, use formula, or mix the two, you’re likely to need baby bottles at some point in your parenting adventures. Choosing the right type is difficult enough with all the options out there — how do you know the bottles you’re selecting are also safe for your baby and friendly to the environment? This baby bottle review will help!

Read more!

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